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  • Tried to find this place but couldn't? Is there a phone number for this business? I would like to know more info! I am a man and I need clothes lol

    Steven Smith 2018.09.22

  • She would put your life in danger.

    Jenny shafer 2018.09.14

  • FRAUD ALERT DO NOT BUY OR CONDUCT BUSINESS WITH! PLEASE READ! POLICE REPORT#1813304817 FILED WITH INGHAM COUNTY SHERIFFS DEPARTMENT IN MICHIGAN I was the resident agent for Principal Auto Sales LLC dealer license number was B203571 expired 12-31-2017. Principal Auto Sales LLC officially closed its doors on 1-1-18 as I became ill and could not continue. This building at 6936 S Cedar Street Lansing Michigan 48911 is officially empty and for sale and has been since January 2018. The reviews are FAKE since 1/1/18! I'm Brian Goodman and I have never sold vehicles like this (BMW,LAND ROVER,MERCEDES, ETC) or transported or delivered vehicles at this price point or to these people claiming i did. (PRINCIPAL AUTO SALES NEVER USED WIRE SERVICES TO ACCEPT PAYMENT) This is fraudulent and not legitimate. Our website was not the one being listed now. Our number was 517-709-3115 not the one being used now!

    Brian Goodman 2018.09.10

  • Hi. I'm asking on behalf of several local camping enthusiasts...who want to reserve/rent/donate to the Elks Organization to use the facilities-- do you have a "list" of "suggested donations" for tent camping or using a RV for the weekend...?!

    Harlan G Smith 2018.09.09

  • When auto is parked at pump. Employee is constantly spraying water on auto while hosing down the lot. Not a good experience as water may ruin paint on the car. This is not a one time occurance. This issue should be corrected.

    Gene 2018.09.08

  • This girl is completely unreliable. She doesn’t follow-up on appointments she made, even after taking your deposit.

    Tia 2018.09.01

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