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  • Took my car in after having my AC go out. Fist it was this, then that, replaced all AC parts, that cost me over $1000.00. Then they finally put some liquid in the AC line to seal the leak. The way I see it I paid for all new parts and in the end after spending all that money for a shot of goop in my lines. Came back at least 8 times. Three of those times I found my gas gauge broken, and three dents in my newly painted hood. These guys proved to me how incompetent they are. My advice-If you don't want to be cheated is to stay away from these two. There are honest people to go to. I made a big mistake. Don't make the same mistake!

    Bernie 2018.04.17

  • Missed diagnosed an AC problem. Replaced the compressor and did a complete AC service for $850 which only fixed the problem for one day! Returned five times in two weeks with the same AC problem as original problem. They finally found and diagnosed the problem was the electrical plug connector on the AC clutch. They replaced the connector with a used one and did a hack job of splicing the wires and covering with electrical tape. The owner would not admit they misdiagnosed the problem or offer a credit for the outrageous poor service. I should have gone to the Nissan dealer. Instead I paid $850 dollars more than I had to for a $5 dollar part. When I saw the hacked repair job I had to solder the the wires and seal with heat seal shrink tubing myself to prevent future corrosion. I would not recommend this shop or ever do business with them again even if I was broken down in front of their shop. Stay far away from this place......

    James Covey 2018.04.14

  • This is absolutely the worst place to get your hair cut. They ruined my moms hair. My mom came out bawling!! My mom told her not to cut the front. And she cut it short. Worst place ever!!! No stars!!!!

    Bonnie Doherty 2018.04.05

  • I hate this laundromat there’s never no owner around tells you not to disturb the coin machine took $20 and then I went to get change and the washer took my quarters like very unprofessional and I’m highly pissed I can’t get my money back

    Teneha 2018.04.05

  • Owner has been harassing his tenants about traffic, overcharges for electricity, if ur going to have guest he makes u pay him $2 per person a night!! Makes u pay electricity on the 1st and the 15th of the month of $100, he even makes u manually lock ur vehicle door because he complains about the horn going off when u remotely lock ur car. He will tell u he doesn’t renew ur contracts and only gives u 3 days to move ur RV! No other notice given! I don’t recommend this place!!

    Reshelle 2018.03.29

  • I stopped in at this station last week, because we needed gas, and the price seemed to be the lowest on the east side of Zion. The owner Ken ( aka Molokai, to me ), came out and socialized with us, and was the nicest person we met during a week in Utah. Full of information, and very personable. We stopped back in the next day, after a multi-park journey. and tanked up again. Highly recommended. Rod

    Rod Rentschler 2018.03.22

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