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  • Scoundrels,crooks,meth heads, embezzlers, committing fraud on a regular basis,file false police reports to get get more money to line their pockets and to upgrade old ATM's, don't ever go to this bank,it's a circus act all in itself.the bank President will be receiving notice of fraud charges filed against this bank soon

    Fucnb 2018.06.15

  • been trying to get in touch with them for over a week to find out about the lamps i should have been getting that i paid a deposit on....they will not phone me back.

    Sandra Turner 2018.06.15

  • They are slower then a sloth they cant di anything right the first time God awful service I don't even see why they are still open

    Don't care 2018.06.14

  • Tyler Tx Roofing Pro is one of the best Tyler Roofing Company who assists their customers with the new roof as well as helps them to repair their old ones for both commercials as well as residential buildings in the area around Tyler, Texas. For more details please visit our official website at

    Tyler Tx Roofing Pro 2018.06.14

  • Lauren Van Iderstine and legal assistant Susan Webber have been outstanding to work with. Lauren got the results I deserved and Susan has executed alongside. Anytime I need anything or any question answered both Lauren and Susan get immediately back to me without delay. I am extremely lucky to have them both during this time. I give them both 5 stars, OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE!

    Christine Lawlor 2018.06.12

  • Kaylyn who works in the office is so kind and caring. She made the effort to get to know my in-laws who had been tenants for many years and made every effort to assist me when I had to begin to manage their account. I have since lost both my mother and father in-law and she went over and above my expectations and worked with me on settling their account. I would highly recommend this facility and will not hesitate to rent from them in the future.

    Tama L Threlkeld 2018.06.10

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