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  • Very professional

    Robin Barasch 2018.07.10

  • Lots of the jewelry he sells have been purchased and resold as his original handcrafted.

    Foni Klapsa 2018.07.10

  • Tuese guys or whoever runs this place thinks their smart. One can not get a self serve car wash for the advertised price. If you put $1.75 in the box you better be prepared to pay more. If you use the foam brush - on a small car like I did - even at top speed - by the time you rush to rinse your car covered with foam - you will be lucky to get even 1/3 of the foam off before the weak rinse flow stops. Really enough to really piss someone off!!! Looks like they also have some kind of credit card rip off going on - lucky I got change. And lucky I don't live far from the place - I rushed home with all the foam on my car and got a bucket out to rinse it.

    eric doerrer 2018.07.07

  • Is it possible to buy a grave plot in Burlington Greenlawn Cemetery?

    Ron Houchin 2018.07.01

  • Poorly represented in this digital age in comparison to many of the eastern Kansas Cemetaries. Prevents seekers from IDENTIFYING SITES AND HEADSTONES especially from late 1800'and early 1900's. MY Greats, many immediate and extended family members are buried at Mt. Calvary KCK.many in the So.East section.

    Jane Vogel 2018.06.30

  • They were agents for the seller and I was the buyer. I agreed to have seller write checks for repairs after closing and the repairs agreed upon were not taken care of. Realtor couple seemed like very nice people...just don’t make any agreements with them or their sellers to be done after closing because it won’t get done and they will not follow through with their seller either. I awesome agent is taking care of repairs for me because they didn’t come through.

    Anonymous 2018.06.30

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